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Tobias Lugmeier is an independent (industrial) designer.

 From 2016 to 2021 he was working as industrial designer in the studio of Stefan Diez (DIEZOFFICE), being responsible for projects with international clients 
including HAY, Vibia, Wagner or Burgbad.  

 From 2021 to 2023 he was working as senior industrial designer at NVGTR, a Munich based strategic design consultancy and innovation agency operating in the fields of urban mobility, consumer electronics and everyday goods. 

 Since 2022 he is teaching 
interaction design basics and interface design basics for industrial designers at the 
university of applied sciences in Munich.

Since the founding of his practice in 2023 he is independently developing products, solutions and visions for and with companies from various fields of industry and research.

 Contextualizing his commercial work, 
he is constantly translating his reflections, thoughts and curiosity into self-initiated projects and visions. 


   As a multifaceted design expert I am open for collaborations and projects of any kind; preferrably things that have not been done before - exploring the “what could be”.

   I believe that design, whether digital or physical, should establish and nourish a profound emotional connection between object and being. 
   This connection is forged not just by aesthetics, thoughtful and sustainable material selection or high functionality, but mainly through creating an intuitive, delightful, satisfying - short: a humane experience. 

   With expertise spanning various parts of the design industry, from authorship-driven design to fast innovation services, I have garnered extensive knowledge in product development and innovation processes. 

   My process is based on a meticulous exploration of both physical and digital realms through experiments and research, ensuring a thorough understanding of the field and innovation potential, crafting solutions that are innovative, applicable - and desirable.


Portrait by Jonathan Mauloubier